Here's a new tenor banjo uke that Tommy custom built in 2016 for a lady named Jill in Vermont.  The uke is of curly maple construction with a black pearloid fretboard and a custom engraved pearloid peghead overlay.  Jill designed the peghead drawing herself!  Uke rim is 10" in diameter.

IMG 20160211 160200
IMG 1449
IMG 1451
IMG 1450
IMG 1452

2015 Custom w/White Lady Ring

Just finished in February 2015, this custom George banjo was build for Matt Jackson.  It features a Rickard-made White Lady style tone ring, an ebony fretboard and large fleur-de-lis pearl design in the peghead.

IMG 1703
IMG 1728
IMG 1704
IMG 1705
IMG 1706
IMG 1716
IMG 1724
IMG 1717
IMG 1719
IMG 1722
IMG 1708
IMG 1707
IMG 1713
IMG 1711
IMG 1714
IMG 1710
IMG 1718
IMG 1723
IMG 1709
IMG 1729

Christo Ruppenthal's 2012 Jazz Uke

Finished this week, we are shipping this blonde beauty on Monday, August 20 to Madison, Wisconsin!  Christo Ruppenthal is the Django-style, gypsy jazz master guitarist for the Gypsy Caravan Swing Ensemble.  His uke is a nod to his Selmer-Macaferi guitars, and as such features a blonde finish and Macaferi-style inlays.

100 0402
100 0400
100 0403
100 0406
100 0405
100 0409
100 0404
100 0407
100 0408
100 0411

Vera's new "Golden Girl II"

Update: June 2012

After playing her Golden Girl for a little over a year, Vera decided she would like a wider fingerboard, so she and Christian went back to the drawing board to completely redesign the Golden Girl.  The new model features a radiused ebony 25 1/5"-scale fingerboard with a simple frailing scoop and an inlay pattern of slotted squares and fleurs.  The peghead veneer is cocobolo, with a prominent inlaid fleur-de-lis in gold mother of pearl.  The neck and rim are of higly figured curly maple, with cocobolo accents throughout.  Hardware is gold-plated Rickard tension hoop, wade base ball shoes, hooks and nuts, all imported from Canada.  Also from Bill Rickard, this banjo sports a tubaphone tone ring.  The finish is a honey amber to tobacco brown sunburst.

By the way, her original Golden Girl is now for sale, bound to become a highly sought after collector's item...  *SOLD*

100 0254
100 0257
100 0252
100 0261
100 0256
100 0255
100 0260
100 0259
100 0258

Andrew Dean's Custom Festival Favorite

Update: February 2012

This banjo is completed - Andrew drove up from Alabama to pick it up last weekend!

IMG 5832
IMG 5834
IMG 5836

Rebecca's Triplets

All three of banjos have been delivered now!  The photos below show Rebecca and two of her banjos against the beautiful Tennessee River near Savannah, Tennessee.  The a-scale banjo and banjo ukulele were hand crafted from cherry and maple wood, and feature custom cut heron inlays in the pegheads and ginko leaf motifs on the fingerboards and frailing sccop.  Tuners are geared ebony "Pegheads" for that old time look and feel.  The a-scale banjo sports eye-catching spalted maple for the rim bottom cap, whereae the uke features burled cherry.  We have one more of these to go to complete the trio, Rebecca's custom Festival Favorite model with the 25.5" scale neck and 12" pot.

Rebecca 10
Rebecca 12
Rebecca 11
Rebecca 3
Rebecca 8
Rebecca 9
Rebecca 7
Rebecca 6
Rebecca 5
Rebecca 4

Uke News...

The latest thing to fuel the banjo ukulele craze has arrived - deco ukes that throwback to the jazz age, complete with lots of faux pearl!  Check out the deco models in progress, and be the first on your block to own one of these beauties.  We are taking orders for these now, go to the contact page to send us a message and reserve yours today.

Deco Uke 2
Deco Uke 3
Deco Uke 1
Deco Uke 2
Deco Uke 4

July 2011 Maple/Walnut Banjo Uke

Christian just finished his eleventh instrument, a gorgeous little natural blonde maple uke with an ebony fingerboard and walnut trim.  Don't look too longingly - this baby has already been snapped up by Jeremy Roberts of the Memphis indie band Bean!

100 1821
100 1820
100 1815
100 1823
100 1813
100 1825
100 1824
100 1832
100 1833
100 1822

Irish Tenor Banjo

This was a custom order for Tommy & Christian that came from a West Virginia native.  The banjo features a 17-fret neck and a white lady tone ring.  The neck and rim are both curly maple.  This order was delivered to Hanna Thurman in West Virginia in November 2010, as a gift to her mother.

Irish Tenor 7
Irish Tenor 4
Irish Tenor 6
Irish Tenor 5
Minstrel Banjo

Minstrel Banjo

This is the first of the George minstrel banjos.  This prototype was based loosely on a Boucher banjo featured in the Jim Bollman "America's Instument" banjo book.  It features a maple neck and rim and bodhran hardware, all of which have been "distressed" to make it look old as the hills.