Repair Services

Tommy George and Christian Stanfield offer a full line of repair services.  Click the contact link above to get a quote for any acoustic instrument repair.


Tommy & Christian can make just about any repair to an acoustic instrument. 

 The following list is representative but not comprehensive:

  • Setup
  • Bridge Adjustment
  • Action Adjustment
  • Re-fret
  • New nut/bridge/saddle
  • Reset Neck
  • Repair cracks

The following instrument families are welcome for repair:

  • Banjos
  • Mandolins
  • Guitars
  • Fiddle/Violins



George Banjos specializes in restoring antique acoustic instruments and making reproduction necks for five-string conversions of tenor banjos.

Gibson Trapdoor Conversion

This is a 1920's Gibson trapdoor tenor banjo for which Tommy did a 5-string neck conversion.

Gibson Trapdoor Peghead 2
Gibson Trapdoor Peghead 1
Gibson Trap Door 2
Gibson Trap Door 1

Baldwin Reproduction

Here is a Baldwin reproduction neck that Tommy made for an old rim.  He cut and engraved all of the inlay as well.


Fender Reproduction

Here is a Fender reproduction neck that Tommy made for a Fender bluegrass model resonator banjo.

Fender 1
Fender 2